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German Football Magazine Pays Tribute to Irish Fans

Sure, we are great lads altogether !

After the unexpected qualification to Euro 2016, 11Freunde, a German football magazine published an article in their latest issue offering Irish fans around the world the ultimate praise following the devastation that took place in Paris last week.

In his article author Alex Raack highlights what the Irish fans are all about

“The qualification of the Irish is a godsend. The Boys in Green can celebrate like no other nation, always peaceful, always sympathetic and emphatic, with an infectious, childlike joy.”

Raack follows by saying it was a “stroke of good fortune” that Ireland qualified for Euro 16 stating that at times like this the world needs joy and happiness.

“Each person must find their own way of handling and dealing with such shocking events such as the bloodshed in Paris. But it is clear that we cannot afford to allow fear to run our lives. That the joy with which we look at life cannot be stopped, the celebrations, dancing, singing,”

This is far from the first time the German Publication has commended the Boys in Green, but this article offers tribute after tribute.

“The joy of nonsense just as the Irish fans celebrated in 2012, cheering the Polish pensioner who looked like manager Giovanni Trapattoni or singing at the police. Joy that you cannot prohibit, like those of the Irish fans on Monday in a pub in front of the stadium who stated: ‘Paris is in our thoughts but it will not stop us from traveling’.


“And that’s good. The world needs Superman, the world needs dancing, and singing. The tournament in France will be different, perhaps more oppressive, and hopefully without incident. But the Irish will be there to support their team in their famous fashion. They’ll bring huge numbers of good-humoured people prepared to experience a piece of joy. For this then, we look forward even if pleasure is difficult at this moment. But as Paris is about life, football is also about life. And the Irish are the best proof.”

We are pretty sure Uefa are happy campers too, they know wherever Ireland go, the stadium, hotels and cities will be full !

It is at times like this that we are proud to be Irish Supporters! #COYBIG


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